If you have managed to plan your event but don’t want the stress of having to coordinate everything on the day, and don’t want to burden a friend or family member with organising everyone on the day, we can be there to help you. For our day of clients, after the initial call we usually arrange a conversation around six weeks before the event during which we go through the detailed timings of the day, and you will give us all the necessary contact details for your suppliers and wedding party. We will then come to the venue early on the day of the event and have a look around, before getting stuck in helping vendors and ensuring the entire event runs smoothly.

Why hire a day of coordinator

The last thing you want to be doing on the day of your event is panicking because a supplier is running late or because something has been set up in the wrong room. When you hire us as your day of coordinators we will be on site from the early morning and meet and greet all of the suppliers, check in with the wedding party to ensure they have everything they need, and ensure the event runs to schedule.

You would be surprised at how many small mishaps are averted whenever we work at events that have been planned by the couple, from simple issues such as musicians not know what time their set needs to start, to more important issues including caterers not knowing which of your guests have allergies and pretty much everything else in between. Think of us as an extra bridesmaid who won’t ever get bored of helping you with anything you need, so that you and your wedding party can enjoy the day.

We’ll make sure your wedding day is the best day of your life, just as it should be.